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  • 205 South Augusta Avenue
  • Baltimore, MD, 21229
  • United States
                                                                    Michael and Diane Brodeur

                                                                    Michael and Diane Brodeur

Michael is based out of Bethel Church in Redding CA. He is  a father to our church and we are so excited to have him with us!  He always brings such a fresh inspiring word that encourages our hearts and empowers us to live abundant lives. 

Bio: I am a husband, father, mentor, teacher, and entrepreneur. Above all, I am a beloved son of my heavenly Father and a devoted follower of Jesus. I am a full-time minister, and have been serving the Lord in a variety of ways for close to four decades. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations discover their divine purpose and achieve the fullness of their God-given potential.  http://michaelbrodeur.com/