• Donna's House (map)
  • 1423 West Baltimore Street
  • Baltimore, MD, 21223
  • United States

Hey Ladies, are you looking for a refreshing and inspiring place to connect with other ladies who are going through some of the same things you are? Here is a great opportunity to connect and share life with your sisters in the Lord.  You are going to be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with Jesus and build friendships that will help you become a better You.

Here is a list of the weeks and their topics: 

June 14 - Much loved daughters - we will focus on how much God loves his daughters and what the bible has to say SPECIFICALLY about being a daughter of God. 

June 21 - Purging our Junk - part 1 - we will learn about how our human families can impact our views of the Father, Spirit, and Jesus. Then we will pray through some of the affects we found in our lives so we can be set free from our wrong beliefs and starting viewing the Father, Spirit, and Jesus as God intends us to see them. 

June 28 - Purging our Junk - part 2 - we will learn about the four doors that could be open in our lives to allow bad beliefs in. We will pray to ask the Spirt to help us see where the doors are open and pray to have the doors closed so we can have complete freedom in our Spiritual lives. 

July, 5 - Communicating with God - we will look at various ways to have soaking time with God and make our connections deeper. We will walk away with new tools to draw close to our Father and deepen our relationship with him, Spirit, and Jesus

July 12 - Juggling the Plates - as busy members of our communities, careers, moms, and so much more that we do as women, it can get hard to manage everything! We will learn how to prioritize our lives with our new found freedom and fresh relationship with the father.  

July 19 - Keys to GREAT SEX - We will spend a portion of the time talking about sex from the single woman's perspective and have a great time of questions and answers to ensure we have good views of sex BEFORE we are engaging in sex. Then, we will move into talking about how to keep our bedrooms HOT, SPICY, and EXCITING!! Also, about how we can ENJOY sex and not see it as a chore.  

July 26 - Group choice - we will give the group a chance in an earlier meeting to toss out some ideas you want to discuss and then we will prepare for those topics.  

August 2 - CELEBRATION - Our prayer is that this group will provide us with great freedom and move us closer to our Father. This night will be a night of testimonies and sharing out how you were transformed during the time.  

Please invite your female friends to come out and join us!! Please, ONLY nursing babies allowed.  

Look forward to this summer with you ladies!

Have questions? Contact Kelly Wilhelm at kfwilhelm@yahoo.com